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Seven Delights

including five rainbows!

Well my dear friend Contrary Mom wrote a post about seven things that made her happy this week. I used to do that too and what a good habit. Originally I got the inspiration over at key + arrow but in any form the point is to review the past seven days and find in them seven delights. Very easy these days.

1. Gone fishin'
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My favorite . . .

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September 02, 2014


The prompt recently at CDHK was "abandoned," which is what I have almost done with CDHK recently. Been enjoying other parts of my life. But I'm back, at least now and then!

Anyway here's my attempt at a haiku on the theme. I guess that abandoned is an autumn kigo (season word).

stillness of the pond
beside the empty . . .

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August 31, 2014

no rose though

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August 31, 2014

Departing Summer

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A lovely haibun prompt from Kristjaan's Carpe Diem Haiku Kai blog, on "departing summer." The rules are to write not-more-than-100-word narrative followed by the haiku in traditional (5/7/5, kigo, cutting word, interchangeable first and third lines) format, on the topic of "departing summer." Kristjaan's is really . . .

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August 18, 2014

six full days

I haven't seen my kids since last Sunday. Tomorrow morning I get to hug them. I cannot wait! I have missed them so much, but what a week.


Lunch with a good friend I haven't seen in months, at this delicious vegetarian place called Cafe Manna. And that night, Poets Monday at Linnemans. My second time reading poems, this time for . . .

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August 08, 2014

Found Poetry Friday: alice paul talks

Alice Paul Talks

"revolting"is the word

bound with sheets and sat upon

rubber tube up my nostrils

delicate slip of a girl

interrupter of public meetings

if she ever threw a stone

Miss Paul merely threw words

votes for women

"You would have thought I had thrown a bomb."

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From the Library of Congress, a classroom guide for . . .

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August 07, 2014

CDHK Ghost-writer #20: Scent of Poetry

An interesting prompt today at CDHK, from Jen of Blog It or Lose It. She asks us to write a haiku that incorporates that other emotion-provoking sense (besides sight and sound), smell. I love this one she offers:

spring plowing done – /
the scent of oil and hot dust /
in grandpa’s workshop //

So. Here's mine. This week my children are at . . .

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August 05, 2014